Wednesday, July 22, 2009

All in Your Ear...

Ever since she made her bratty yet cool debut on MTV's Super Sweet 16 (which first came on TV back in 2007), I guess I can say most people are still intrigued by Teyana Taylor, and are looking foward to what she's going to do next. I myself do like her, i'm just tired of waiting AND tryna figure out what she does for a living (no offense). I'm not gonna front, the girl is way talented, and I give respect when it's due. Guess that's why most are so impatient! Well, we got a leak today of her song "Color Me Pink". I was reading her Twitter & she doesnt seem to excited that this song leaked out, and I quote "these damn songs keep getting leaked....thats why i cant complete my damn album now!!!!!! this shit gotta stop yo real talk :(", end quote. She also said that she recorded this song when she was 15, which is cool because it sounds kinda up-to-date to me. I like the song, nothing more, nothing less. I'm really a fan of her voice... kinda. Anyway, I wanna know what you guys think. Gimme some feedback guys! =)

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