Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Let go to 2003, again. IDK that summer was a real nice hot summer to me, and the music was definitely bumping (LOL @ bumping).

Ashanti was back with her sophomore album, Chapter II. The first single from that album was "Rock Wit U", which I loved. It was cute & catchy, VERY VERY summery. I just love an ultimate summer song. The video was cute too. Even tho she was doing the same moves the whole 3 minutes, it was fun to make fun of her with my friends. She showed off the bod, nice beach, she even riding an elephant (I heard it peed on her, but whatever...).

I really like this song. Whenever I hear, my mind goes straight to Summer of 03'. Nevermind everyone's doubt for Ashanti's talented. This song is cool! =)

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