Thursday, July 9, 2009

Side Chick Snapped...

When I first heard of the death of Steve McNair, I thought "How sad! A married man with 4 kids, who would wanna brutally kill him?". Now that the story behind is unfolding, its like a shock after shock. It's looking like a murder-suicide. Officials say that Sahel Kazemi shot Mcnair in the head while he was sleeping, twice in the chest, then in the head again before turning the gun on herself. I'm not gonna lie, when I found out he had a mistress, I wasn't too surprised. A woman going into a relationship with a guy in any sports league should DEFINITELY worry about other women.

Word is that the two met in January after Sahel broke up with her ex-bf. McNair would whisk her off to extravagant getaways like Las Vegas, Hawaii and Key West. He even bought her an Escalade for her 20th birthday. But he liked her because she was independent, working 2-3 jobs, unlike other women he was previously involved with.

The two were together ALL THE TIME unless he was taking his kids on vacation. The ex-bf said that McNair was making her believe that they were gonna be together in their own little perfect world. Kazemi was convinced that he would leave his wife, move in with her, then maybe eventually get married (isn't this always a side chick's thoughts?). She even put her furniture on sale on Craigslist 2 days before the deaths. Her family said that she was selling them bc she was going to move in with McNair but his friends said he had no intention of leaving his wife. His own brother never even heard of his lil mistress.

Then two weeks ago McNair and Kazemi planned a trip to Las Vegas. She flew there from Tennessee but when she got there, he never arrived. Maybe he was trying to pull away from the affair. She then told her friends that her "personal life was a mess". Her rent doubled from her roommate moving out. Her debts were building up and she couldn't sell her car. After that, I guess tragedy struck.

Mind you, idk if all of this is true, but if it is, it's kinda weird. Either his wife knew and is playing dumb, trying to keep her "happy home" or she's just really dumb. What woman doesn't have that MY-MAN-IS-CHEATING intuition? All that time ya man is gone and only comes back to take the kids on vacation? Cmon ma! Kazemi probably killed him because she herself knew that her good life, lavish trips and shit was soon about to come to an end. Maybe she was really with McNair and wanted him all to herself, and is she couldn't have him... then no one would. This should give some guys a wake-up call. Yea, maybe you can cheat and never get caught. However, you can cheat, get involved with a crazy bitch and never wake up the next morning. Makes me think of the 80/20 rule. This is like an episode of Snapped. Just wanted to share my thoughts on this unfortunate but karma-like situation. I don't' wish death on anyone, but this shit makes a man OR woman to think twice before stepping out on ya 80. You never know how crazy your 20 is...

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