Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our Final Goodbye to The King...

Today was Michael Jackson's Memorial Service. It was like the whole world was on pause once again (except me because I had to work, but I caught the repeat). As I watched it, I still couldn't believe that MJ was gone. It was surreal to actually see a casket there, like even if it was open, I would probably still be in disbelief. It even hurt my heart even more to see these big stars like Mariah Carey, Usher, etc. break down. It's clear MJ had a big effect on everyone. It kinda made me mad though because he's getting so much recognition when he's no longer here. However, that's how it usually is. They did a wonderful job paying tribute to MJ. Cried the whole time. And it was even more sweet to see all 9 of the Jackson siblings supporting each other. Kinda shows you that even tho they have their plastic surgeries and that they are The Jacksons, they're still a regular family (...kinda). And for the first time we got to see MJ kids as just kids missing their dad. Here are some pics and performances that made my heart sink. =(

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