Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Young Love Part II?

To me, it seems like the entertainment business wants everyone to go out with everyone. Like can't a guy & a girl JUST BE FRIENDS? Anyway, people are starting to raise some eyebrows about Chris Brown & Teyana Taylor. Idk why, this is like the second time (OK maybe 3rd) I've seen or heard of them "together", BUT not like that! LOL! Well, I'm just saying if anything was to happen, or if they are an item, I think Teyana would be a cool fit for him. Honestly, Chris & Rihanna were cute together, but idk they kinda didn't fit. I expected Riri with Shia LeBeouf or someone of that sort. Ah whatever. Anyway, these two buddies were seen being inseparable at Diddy's White Party. Also, they both got matching red patches of hair. Which is weird because you-know-who got matching star tatts. LMAO! We'll just see if anything unravels in the months to come...

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