Thursday, July 2, 2009


So, Drake is one of the hottest artist out right now, no album dropped, just off a mixtape. People have been patiently waiting for homie to drop a video for his single "Best I Ever Had"... and here it is! Uh, I wasn't really impressed. It was directed by Kanye West, shot at Bishop Ford High School in Brooklyn. I think the video concept should have went with the song but whatever. It was very College Dropout-esque, mascots, gyms. Lil cameos from Trey Songz, Fabolous and even the ballerina girl that can split and all types of fuckery. But I think Drake could have came much better with this.

Also, here's a sneak preview of Eminem's new video, "Beautiful". I totally love this song, so I'm looking forward to the video. It looks like one of "those" type of videos, but it's cool. The song is awesome. Check it out!

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  1. the "take that d" was a sexual inuendo in the drake video lmao . & uhhh .... i've never seen a basketball team look like that . haha !