Thursday, June 4, 2009

Album Highlight: Confessions

Remember the days when artists released albums, and they would actually sell? When first week sales reached into the millions instead of the tens/hundred thousands, barely reaching gold? I was thinking about this the other day. That was ONLY 5 years ago. Then I tried to figure out which albums were poppin at that time that was like hotcakes. Yes, Lil Wayne did sell 1 million copies his first week last year but when was the last time someone has done that? For some reason, my mind goes straight to Usher's Confessions. Even though I'm sure other artists have sold millions after him, this album was huge! Lets backtrack to 2004. That year was definitely Usher's year and he was mos def the talk of it too. From the public break-up of him & Chilli, to the speculation that he got a girl preggo based on a song from his upcoming album. Ugh, so much was going on. Usher was THE biggest artist in 2004. His smash hit "Yeah!" with hitmaker Lil Jon & Ludacris was mos def a club banger. Crunk N' B was totally bumping in '04 so it was perfect timing. This album was damn near perfect to me. Not because I'm a female and he's a hot R&B singer. This album has it's club bangers like "Yeah!". It had the sad break-up songs like "Burn" & the sexy songs like "That's What It's Made For". The cute songs for the ladies like "Superstar", the get-it-poppin songs like "Can You Handle It?" and songs the niggas can listen to like "Throwback". It covered EVERY aspect. It was a smooth ass album. EVERYONE I knew had this album. Like, you couldn't walk down the street without hearing at least 10 cars blasting a song from this album. When you sang a song from this album, 10/10 people around you would have known what you were singing. That amazed me in itself. The transitioning was just right. The production was a bonafide eargasm. This is simply Usher at his best. Confessions sold over 10 million in the US ALONE and was certified diamond by the RIAA. Although we was hoping that Usher could do his magic again with Here I Stand, ehhh didn't really work. However, we still love him! This album is a classic!

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  1. YES!
    that album was perfect!
    i still remember the words to those songs lol

    [sidebar- only five years?! ONLY?! that's half a decade... ugh i feel ancient!]