Thursday, June 11, 2009


So, it's summertime! It doesn't feel like it in NY but hey, we like to get ready. I was surfing thru my Itunes when I heard the ILL throwback tune from the summertime. It was 2002. Now, which music label was OD poppin at that time?... Murder Inc. (It's Murdaaaaaa!) The king & queen on Murder Inc., Ja Rule & Ashanti, was ruling the charts at that time. So, when him & the ladies of Murder Inc. came out with "Down 4 U", it was one of my favorite summer jams. It just sets me back to 7th grade, when everyone LOVED Ashanti and feened for Ja Rule (not me). I guess you can call it a "cuffin record" but we aint know anything about that back in the day. So, here's to the cutest thug & mistress song!


  1. OMg I loved loved love this video!!!

    Thank you...I kinda forgot about this. This used to be the song and yes Ashanti & jaRule was the ish back HOT GARBAGE! My how times changed...

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  3. OMG! i was just singing this song the other day. The one thing i liked about this video was all the camos! Whit&Bobby ! Se7en . Charli B . & i loved Vita's verse! :) aww yess this was also 7th grade for me.. GEzz it seem like soo long ago ! Ja & Ashanti was ruling the industry .. aww the good ol day! :)

    Kudos on the throwback ma !