Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I was at least 4 years old when this came out. Even thought I was young, I somewhat understood what Queen Latifah was talking about in her song "U.N.I.T.Y.". Of course, I got older and grasped the full message. Nowadays, the words "bitch" & "hoe" are just flown around so freely. For most girls, we can call each other bitches & hoes, like its "Hey, girl!". I do it with my girls because I know they don't mean any harm behind it. And personally, if some girl idk calls me a bitch or a hoe, I don't pay it any mind, it's like whatever, you don't know me. However, when a nigga calls me that, it's a wrap. I understand "you my bitch" like you're my homie, but don't try to disrespect. I even get offended when niggas call me a bitch when I'm not being nice. It's whatever tho, society today right? I was also wondering is there any songs like this for 4 years old little girls today? I feel lucky I had this song in my youth.

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