Monday, June 29, 2009

Michael Jack- I MEAN, BET Awards!

So, last night was the not so entertaining BET Awards. It should have been called the Michael Jackson awards. However, BET did do their best to honor the king but THEY COULD HAVE DONE BETTER! I only really watched it to see if the MJ tributes would be on point and for Jay-Z of course. Jay-Z went hard, but the MJ tributes could have been better. Jamie Foxx hosted the event, and he did a swell job. I swear that guy is like a 1-man show! BET is sucha coon ass channel, I try to avoid it. But you never wna miss the WTF moments. Let's go down the good & AIGHT moments, shall we?

My girl Keri Hilson performed "Turnin' Me On/Knock You Down". I think she killed it. She had her lil MJ flow going. She kinda OD'ed at the end, like the audience was looking like "Uhhh..." but she did her thing! Can't hate! And she wont "Best New Artist" so shoutouts to her!

The talented Ne-Yo performed "Lady of My Life" in tribute to MJ. He did a wonderful job. He sounded fucking great. And it didn't even make me cry. Maybe cuz his head was distracting me... GREAT JOB NONTHELESS! Tribute well-done.

UGH! ONE OF THEE FUNNIEST SHITS I WISH I COULD HAVE SEEN! Skank Robbers with Sheneneh & Wanda. OMG, I was dying when I saw this. Like deadass, they need to invest in this. This is stupid black comedy, this is the shit at its best!

Now, yall know I love Beyonce, but I was kinda disappointed with this performance. =( Only because I expected her to perform "Ego", I mean, Kanye West was there & shit, why not??? But hey, the bitch got to show her vocal ability, which most people don't even listen to nowadays. So, respect Queen B for now shaking her ass and leaving Sasha Fierce at home for once.

Now, you know Brooklyn had to come thru and shut shit down right? Like after Jay-Z's performance, there was no coming back (not like anyone tried anyways...). Hov neva fails.

Ahhhh! Another classic moment! Jody, My Jody... Who doesn't fuck with the movie Baby Boy? Every time I see them together, I think of Yvette & Jody. They make a fab couple *COUGH*COUGH* I really don't know where Ving Rhames came from, he fucked it up with his "Guns & Butta" talk. But It was funny when him & Jody -I MEAN- Tyrese was bout to fight. LMAO!

This was also a good performance. I know The O'Jays music unlike my fellow young ones, so I was jammin' like an old cougar. Johnny Gill was... well, Johnny Gill. Tyrese is a fab singer, always loved him. And Trey Songz definitely kinda showed off his live vocal ability. Can't be mad at that. Needless to mention, after these guys perform, Don Cornelius old ass self tryna tell a short story, but you know when you're old, you never get to the end. And who can forget Eddie and the bad censor guy "People was dancing and shit..." LMAO! Only BET...

I know bitches was HYPE to see Drake perform! But womp womp biddies, he messed up his ACL, which is why he was sitting down the whole night. Niggas was goin in on Drake without even know what's wrong. HATERSSSSSS! But um Young Money? Whack performance, Jay-Z was better. =)

Good thing I watched the show all the way thru. Ahhh man, Maxwell? STILL fine as hell! Even finer with that Caesar? Yum! Is he gay? If he is, don't tell me. LOL!

THE TEAR-JERKER OF THE NIGHT! I thought I was done crying over MJ, but damn it, Janet Jackson had to come out and forced it outta me again. I swear you could of hear a pin drop in that audience. You know those two were close. =/

I know this was what most people were waiting to see. I was, too! Fuck all the beating the crap outta Rihanna stuff, you can't deny Chris Brown's talent. If anyone was to do a proper tribute to the King of Pop, he would have done it so right. But, we were all let down. Word of Jay-Z shuttin that thought down, CoverGirl threatening to pull their AD's from BET, all these supposed rumors (you know Ren Jones don't believe shit...). Welp, there's always the VMA's... hopefully!

Well, those were a few of my favorite moments of the BET Awards. Please believe, if I want entertainment, I know not to expect it from this, assssssssssss usual!

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