Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kanye's Chick Emerged...

Who would think the bald chick from Ludacris video "I Know What Them Girls Like" would be kinda poppin like that? Not me! Here's the wickedly hot Amber Rose featured in eModa Magazine. Most know I love this girl. She's fierce beyond belief. Bald head chicks usually dont so it for me, but she pulls it off smoothly. I like her for her sense of style. Only she can get away with it. In my head, if any regular chick, or even Rihanna was to pull some of these looks, it wouldn't look right. I definitely think she's a gorge girl. She mos def made a name for herself, halfway thanks to Kanye West & her wardrobe. Oh, and that break up? Guess they're over that hump. She's still Kanye's main squeeze. Ooowweee!! BOD!

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