Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Daily Download: Genesis

Lord knows I talk about Trey Songz everyday. However today, I wanna shed a little light on something special. He released his demo tape which he made when he was 17. This was before we came to know him, before "Gotta Make It". This was when the grind happening here. Basically the beginning, hint the title of it, Genesis. The first chapter in the Bible? Well, this is the first chapter of Trey Songz. You'll hear it in his voice how he sounds different from what he sounds like now. And if you're a big fan like me, or just have real good ears for music (like me, LOL!) you can hear every little thing different. It's crazy to HEAR someone grow. So, I was downloading it so I can hear what 17-year-old Trey was like. To my surprise, I already had some of the songs. Even tho you can hear his growth musically, in some songs, he hasn't changed much because I deadass thought the songs I already had was like made in 2006. Don't expect much from the demo tho, like nothing you can pop off in the club. It's a demo! However, I still like it. I'm gonna leave yall with one of my favorite songs from it, one of the songs I already had. =)

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