Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So, most of you know I don't fuck with Ciara like that (anymore). She definitely FELL THE FUCK OFF! I just don't feel her music anymore. Kinda sad cuz she used to be a bad bitch. SIGHS! Anyway, she released her new video, "Work" featuring Missy Elliott. Lord only knows where Missy has been. I've been hearing about it for awhile. I wasn't expecting much, so I wasn't really mad when I watched it and got NOTHING from it. I don't even think I finished watching the video. I do, however, respect her dancing skills. She's always on point with that when she's not splitting in every other video. So my lovely readers, was her work well done? Gimme the T!


  1. noooo. lol. it looked sooo low budget...and boring...i mean this bish werkkkks babey, but...not in this one particularly. lol

  2. owww song is way wack and where in the hell has Missy been anyway with that hot ass outfit on,lol