Wednesday, June 3, 2009

All in Your Ear...

So, new GOOD music is like not rolling up DEEP like it should be BUT I got a little something for yall. Twitter isn't just good for knowing someone's every move. Also, you can get some exclusive shit when you follow the right person. As you all know, I follow my dream guy, Trey Songz (who wrote me back after I tweeted him on Sunday, really hype about that!). Anyway, Trey has a new, I guess, mixtape song with Sammie. Most of you guys known Sammie for being featured Soulja Boy's hit, "Kiss Me Thru The Phone". However, Sammie used to be Lil Sammie back in the day singing "I Like" LOL! Anyway, just like Trey, he's been a lil grinder himself, releasing mixtape singles and such. So, it's kinda cool when the two collaborate. "She Ain't My Girl" is type cool. Just because Trey is in it doesn't mean imma AUTOMATICALLY like it. It's iight. Tolerable enough to listen to. It's, like I said, cool. Tell me what you guys think.

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