Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Beyonce Strikes Again...

I wasn't such a big fan of the I AM... part of Beyonce's album. I usually had to see the video first, get the visual, THEN like the song. Idk y, Beyonce usually does it for me. Prolly cuz that part of the album is mushier. Anyways, here's the new video for "Brokenhearted Girl (BHG)". I like it. Beyonce looks real natural & pretty. If you're tired of seeing the black & white look, don't worry, this video has a nice minute of color. Also, if you're wondering why almost every video from this album is in black & white, that's the whole I AM... SASHA FIERCE concept; album cover, promo shoots, the whole nine. So, if there's a videology coming out (which I expect) like what she did with B'Day, don't expect any color.

Also, here's the remix video version of "Ego" featuring Kanye West. I only watched his part LOL! He fits well with the song, I mean, the song being named "ego" & everything. =)

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