Thursday, June 18, 2009

Blasting On My iTunes...

Most people would look at Prince as a weirdo. However, if you're a real music fan and really just listen to more than "what's poppington" now, you would understand the genius that Prince really is. Growing up, my daddy always played the good shit, cuz he was a DJ =D. He favored Prince over Michael Jackson for undisclosed reasons. So, Prince was always one of my favorite artists. I like really love this guy. I heard "Darling Nikki" when I was about 10. A ten-year-old shouldn't have been hearing this song but when you're bored and the Purple Rain soundtrack is laying around, what do expect? I LOVED the song as song as the beat dropped. It was just something about it, till this day, I still can't explain it. I don't think it's sexy, it's not too over the top, idk! But this is one of my favorite tracks from Prince... ever. Eclectic ears, OPEN UP!

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