Wednesday, June 24, 2009


New York STILL hasn't gotten any summer weather. But it's aright, we're patiently waiting. Let's go back to 2004. BIG year in music. Crunk was definitely taking over. However, to me, it was always a boys game. Like, girls (girly girls) couldn't really get CRUNK, like GRR!!

Until... little miss Ciara came over and shut it down. Like I said before, I used to be a big Ciara fan. I totally bought her album. I was so infatuated with the song and video for
"Goodies", I learned the WHOLE dance (still know it). I usually always do that to most videos I like from Beyonce, Ciara, etc.

But yeah, when she first came on the scene, she was immediately on every nigga "Bitch I Wanna Fuck" list. This song is still really cute. It's like a taunt girls can sing to guys (LMAO!). Beyonce mastered the "Uh-Oh!" dance but Cici got the booty poppin art DOWN PACKED! Owww! Shoutouts to that.

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