Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sexy Love...

I spotted these pics on theybf.com of Dawn from Danity Kane and Que from Day26. These are from an alter-ego photoshoot they had shot by Derek Blanks. I think they're kinda hot. Even tho their PDA is kinda OD, I guess I dig them as a couple. They are very supporting of each other. And yes, that is Dawn lips tatted on Que's neck and her name by his V-line. SMH, I really despise obvious couple tatts (LIKE NAMES) but whatever. Check the pics out!

1 comment:

  1. i wonder does dawn have anything reminiscent of que tatted on her ? hmm . anyways, couple tatts are forever ... not couples . i wish people would stop doing that .

    & the obvious pda is only funny to me because i heard the interview the two of them did, where they vividly discussed to the world their sex life together . it was .... gross, to say the least .

    like sure, have sex, be freaks ! but no one wants to know all the details . ehh .