Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cutie of the Day:

I picked Ashanti because in my eyes, she's cute! She's not drop dead gorgeous, but she's not a ugg mugg either. She is dead center cute. Some question her ability to sing & whatnot. But it's not what they think! It's about what I think! First off, I think she has a GREAT bod. She ran track in high school, that damn sure paid off. I feel she's kinda like the girl next door. Not the innocent one, the cute one that you could find in YOUR "hood". I really like Ashanti. I wish she can be like what she was when she first came out. Yall know yall was feeling her, stop frontin'. Hate her all you want, but the girl is a cutie! And I must say, I picked some hawt pics =D. GO ASHANTI!

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