Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ren's Daily Randomness...

So, today was a pretty day in Brooklyn before it rained. I was up & about early, cleaning and stuff. I went to take out the trash thru my backdoor. I open the door and seen this HUGH black thing move from under my table from outside and come to my door. It was this huge fella! So, im all shocked & shit, like "WTF is a big ass random ass black dog doing in my backyard??". Idk how he got there, my backyard is gated. However, he could prolly jump over them shits. So, I go outside. I'm not usually not afraid of dogs but homie was huge. I didn't wanna touch him cuz I didn't know is he was a hungry stray dog or a lost one. I ran back inside & called my best friend like a million times. She never answered. I was like "What the hell am I gonna do with this big ass dog?". I went on Twitter to ask for help but my not-so-helpful twit fam told me to throw a rock at it. -_-. I decided to go back outside and give him some water. When I did, i saw he had a doggy tag, which was relieving but I still wasn't touching him. He looked sweet but he might have been bi-polar. So, I ran back inside again. I occasionally checked up on him thru my back door window, making sure he was good. I cooked my breakfast, ate it, then went back outside. He started to go wild crazy cuz he smelled the bacon on me LOL! So, I got over my fear of his bigness (pause) and I petted him & my heart melted. He was soooooooo sweet! When I got comfortable with homie, I read his tag. It has his name, number & address. Doggy live up the block from me! His name was Comet =). SO ADORABLE! I called his owner, & he was on the way and all that jazz. In the meantime, I was playing with Comet, rubbing his belly, homie was knocked. His owner came and he was a nice old guy. Comet was happy to see him =). That whole 2 hrs made my day! I know i'll be seeing Comet around... I mean, he just live up the block LOL!

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  1. awwwwww thats such a Nicktoons sitcom moment lol