Saturday, June 6, 2009

All in Your Ear... (Part II)

This is "Part II" because I ran across this after the 1st post. Terry Urban & Gold Coin released a mixtape of remixed tracks of Santigold debut album and unofficial collabo's, Southerngold. I must say, it's kinda hawt. I don't much about this (surprisingly) because I had no idea about this & nothing leaked. So, I want put my lil group of readers on. My favorite song off the mixtape is "Still Tippin' It" which features Slim Thug and Mike Jones. Once you hear it, you will know why. Take a listen kids!

Now remember when I said Jay-Z was finally releasing The Blueprint 3? Well, he is. Since that word, everyone has been buzzin bout what will it sound like. Although this isn't the first single, it's a damn good start to have us feening. Twitter and the whole internet is buzzin about Jay-Z street track, "D.O.A. (Death of Autotune)". I LOVE this track. The production is crazy. It was produces by No ID & Kanye West (irony, hehehe). I think this song will be played at autotune's funeral. FINALLY, someone shut down the autotune wave! It had it's fun while it lasted. I think only T-Pain should be allowed to use it now... sometimes Lil Wayne LOL! Anyway, this track is crack! AHHHHHH! See why he's my favorite rapper? =)

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